Who needs Skeggy, ey duck?


The jewel of the Midlands is what Nottingham has been dubbed. A beautiful and diverse city, layered upon a network of historic caves and boasting some incredible architecture.

No beach though. All very well clambering around in caves, but when it’s a beach you want, even the limestone crumbling beneath your shoes cannot satiate that hunger.

The sound of seagulls and the smell of salty air in Nottingham can only be achieved by coercing a family member into throwing salt at you whilst producing cawing noises. It’s sad, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

All is not lost however! We’ve managed to create a ‘package holiday’ right in the centre of your ‘ome tahn, lovely Nottingham. There are a good few places which you can visit which promise to invoke those wonderful British seaside feelings. Unpredictable weather included for authentic feel.

The Pudding Pantry

Your classic seaside trip is NOTHING without a trip to a little cafe, and this one is simply perfect. Look how beachy… and… cake.

The Market Square Beach

Quite literally, a beach away from beach. Sand, water, huts, deck chairs… it’s all there, right in the centre of Nottingham. Delightfully random but much appreciated.

George’s Kitchen

Beach hut booth thingys, spectacular and fresh (good and proper) fish and chips, children’s food is served in a bucket with a spade which they can, wait for it, TAKE AWAY TO GO AND PLAY ON THE BEACH FROM NO. 2. Also have nice gin. Very nice gin.

Nottingham National Videogame Arcade

What’s a seaside without an arcade? Nottingham was lucky enough to be chosen for the location of the National Videogame Arcade. We’ve been (as 25-30 year old adults), and it’s absolutely mind-blowingly fun. One minute walk away from No. 2 and No. 3 of this post.

Who needs Skeggy, ey?

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