The 19 Biggest Bakery Blunders

4. Not sure if you’ve been to Tropeiro, but basically you have a card on the table, and if you change it to green, the meat just keeps on coming to you. Once you have the meat sweats and can’t do it anymore, you change it to red. We definitely recommend signing up to this place!5. All you need to know about Chocolate Utopia is that they’re open and there’s chocolate inside. No further information required…

But the placing of the cap-sheaf to all this blundering business was reserved for the scientific Frederick Cuvier, brother to the famous Baron. In 1836, he published a Natural History of Whales, in which he gives what he calls a picture of the Sperm Whale. Before showing that picture to any Nantucketer, you had best provide for your summary retreat from Nantucket. In a word, Frederick Cuvier’s Sperm Whale is not a Sperm Whale, but a squash.

Of course, he never had the benefit of a whaling voyage (such men seldom have), but whence he derived that picture, who can tell? Perhaps he got it as his scientific predecessor in the same field.

Desmarest, got one of his authentic abortions; that is, from a Chinese drawing. And what sort of lively lads with the pencil those Chinese are, many queer cups and saucers inform us.